Our Construction

Southern Estates puts emphasis on the structure of each home. Our homes are wrapped in OSB with a strong sub-floor system that comes with 2×6 or 2×8 floor joists and ¾ decking under your flooring. All homes have a 16” on center exterior wall on 2×4 studs with the option to upgrade to 2×6. We are an Energy Star certified company which gives the home owner the ability to save hundreds on energy bills each year.

When purchasing a home from Southern Estates, you take advantage of the ability of our team of craftsmen to build your home in a controlled environment which prevents delays in the building process. Compared to site built homes, weather and other variables don’t slow down the process of getting into your new home.

Southern Estates is an ISO 14001 company, which puts emphasis on the minimization of waste that in turn helps our planet. We believe in making our houses and our production process as green and efficient as possible.

The Estates lineup offers you a finished sheetrock home with the ability to customize the home to fit YOUR needs. Not the other way around. Many manufacturers and site built companies want to build homes their way.  We make it a point at Southern Estates to build the home of your dreams the way it needs to be built to make you and your family happy and comfortable.